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10 Ways, we as part of the VRCIM family, are connected:

(Contributed by Sanjay Gowda)

(1) You are not surprised when the birds flash – actually, you are encouraged that the birds are talking to you.
(2) You agree that Xpilot is a waste of time, yet you continue to play it.
(3) You have started to doze off while inside a HMD.
(4) You have spent countless hours debugging transformation matrices and realize that popmatrix is actually your friend.
(5) Your answer to “Can you guys do it” is unequivocally yes (Even though you only understood 60% of what was asked).
(6) You look at the platform and think to yourself, self: who would be dumb enough to move this across the state, by Uhaul, in the snow, even when told not to by Uma.
(7) You know that PACCAR stands for Pacific Car and Railroad.
(8) You master the ability to get loaner software and hardware from anyone.
(9) A demo the next day means that you *will* be up all night.
(10)The feeling of getting your first VR application working is nirvana.

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