Graduate Students

Thesis/Dissertation Topic
 Degree Awarded Current Employer
Scott Reed Angster Architecture for Virtual Environments for Design and Manufacturing 1996, PhD AMA, Inc.
Hiral Suresh Chandrana Assembly Path Planning Using Virtual Reality Techniques 1997, MS Wipro Technologies
Hong Soo Choi Multiple Human Models in Virtual Assembly Environments 2003, MS Ph.D. student at WSU
Gareth Cole  Design of an Automated Calibration Device for Electromagnetic Tracking Systems 2007, MS   
Hugh Connacher, II A Virtual Assembly Design Environment 1996, MS HT Medical, Inc.
David Cramer Integration of Multiple Computer Aided Engineering Systems for Interoperability 2000, MS Integrated Engineering Solutions
Charles DeChenne An Acetabular Alignment Guide For Use with Pelvic Landmarks  - Research Excellence Award for The MS in Mechanical Eng Œ 2002-2003 2003, MS Integrated Engineering Solutions
Daniel Evans Haptics for Engineering Applications of Virtual Reality 2000, MS Translation Technologies Inc.
Sanjay Gowda The Calibration of Virtual Prototypes for Engineering Design and Analysis

1996, MS

1999, Ph.D

AMA, Inc
 Hrishikesh Joshi  Open Architecture for Embedding VR Based Mechanical Tools in CAD  2006, MS Integrated Engineering Solutions 
 Hrishikesh Kate Modeling Haptics for Virtual Cutting Embedded in CAD   2007, MS Kiewit Power Constructors. Co. 
 OkJoon Kim An Approach to Enhance a Traditional Ergonomics Tool with Assembly Capabilities and Algorithms from an Immersive Environment  2007, MS  Integrated Engineering Solutions
YoungJun Kim Methods for Assembly Hierarchy Reorganization Of CAD models for Assembly 2002, MS Hyundai, South Korea
Robert Kreitzer Design Modifications Within Virtual Environments 1998, MS Tektronix
Prasanna Krithivasan Addressing Configuration Variability and Platform Independence In Virtual Reality Environment Applications- Issues and Solutions

2003, MS

Brakes India Ltd.
Narayanan Mathrubutham Representation of Burr information in CAD/VR models for Deburring 1999, MS Parametric Tech. Co.- Parent Co. of  Pro/E
 Vinay Mishra VR-Smart - A Virtual Reality System for Smart Homes   2010, Ph.D SolidWorks
Tatsuki Mitsui Applying Virtual Reality to the Manufacturing Process of Large Press Machines 2000, MS Komatsu Ltd.
    Trung Nguyen Manufacturing-Oriented CAD design for Design Engineers
 2011, MS
 Sunpreme Inc.
Craig Andrew Palmer Functionality Features for Virtual Prototyping Environments 2000, MS PACCAR Inc.
 Smruti Ranjan Panigrahi  Immersive 3D Visualization of Grain Structures & Dislocations in Materials  2009, MS Ph.D at Michigan State University
Roglenda Repp Calibration and Performance Characteristics of Virtual Engineering Systems for Engineering Applications 2000,MS Stottler Henke Associates Inc.
Kevin Seaney An Object-Oriented Knowledge Based System for Parametric Design 1995, MS CAD Consultant
Imtiyaz Shaikh Using RULA based methods for Ergonomic Evaluations in a Virtual Assembly Environment 2003, MS Gehry Technologies, Los Angeles
Vikas K. Singh Collaborative Virtual Prototyping 2001, MS Integrated Engineering Solutions
Ashraf Sultan Physically Based Modeling for Virtual Reality Applications 2001, MS Mechanical Dynamics
Frank Taylor Crane Functionality and Manipulation of Heavy Parts for Virtual Assembly 2001, MS Integrated Engineering Solutions
Hrishikesh Tirumali Modeling hand/tool/part interactions In virtual assembly environments 1999, MS UGS PLM Solutions
Yong Wang Physically Based Modeling in Virtual Assembly 1998, PhD Autodesk
Qiang Wu Colliding Contact Modeling in a Virtual Assembly Design Environment 2003, MS Lenovo Group, China
Yong Yang Corba-Based Collaboration And Improved Realism in the Virtual Assembly Design Environment 1999, MS CAD Consultant
 Pei Zhan An Ontology-Based Approach for Semantic Level Information Exchange and Integration in Applications for Product Lifecycle Management  2007, PhD  Autodesk 
 Lijuan Zhu Capturing, Sharing, and discovering product data at a semantic level - Moving  forward to the semantic web for advancing the engineering product design process
2011, PHD


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