Biomedical Modeling and Visualization


Goal: Contribute to research in biomedical modeling and visualization

Featured Projects


Virtual Reality System for Smart Home Environments

In this research a system called VR-SMART is being developed to introduce the capabilities of CAD and VR for smart environment development in order to provide a resident with assistance to live independently.


Acetabular Guide for Hip Replacement Surgery

Working with a local orthopedic surgeon, a novel approach was developed for acetabular alignment during the implant of a prosthetic hip joint in a natural pelvis.  

Participatory Ergonomics Using Immersive Environments & Simulation Tools

We describe a synergistic system that consists of an interactive immersive simulation tool, developed in-house, integrated with a commercial human modeling simulation system.

Integration of Immersive Environment and RULA

This project was successful in integrating the rapid upper limb assessment (RULA) algorithm, a well-established ergonomic method, with a virtual assembly tool (VADE), to facilitate identification of potential upper limb injuries in assembly processes and evaluation of potential solutions.

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