The VRCIM Lab facilities are also used by the following courses offered by Washington State University under the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering.

ME 316 Systems Design 3cr. Engineering design process for systems and components; product development process from specifications to manufacturing; use of CAD for team-based design projects; engineering economics; engineering professional skill

ME 414 Machine Design: 3cr. Optimal design of machinery; analysis for prevention of machine elements failure. 

ME 473 Advanced CAD and Geometric Modeling 3cr (2-3). Advanced parametric and feature based CAD/CAM; mathematical basis for geometric modeling; computational geometry; integration of CAD with engineering flow processes and other software systems.

 ME 474 Design for Manufacture and Modern Manufacturing Strategies 3cr. Design for Manufacture and Assembly; Modern Manufacturing Philosophies and Practices; Lean Manufacturing; Use of Software Tools for Analysis of Manufacturing Cost and Time and evaluation of alternatives; Quality control in Manufacturing Systems

Student Comments on ME 474 topics

ME 475 Manufacturing Enterprise Systems - Automation and Product Realization 3cr (2-3). Manufacturing automation and product realization; Role of information technology and electronic data in manufacturing enterprise systems; Product Life-Cycle Management (PLM) and related tools and processes; Sustainable and Green manufacturing   

ME 574 Foundations of CAD 3cr Topics fundamental to the creation of CAD, engineering visualization, and virtual reality based engineering software. Cooperative course taught by WSU, open to UI students (ME 534)

ME 575 Geometric Modeling 3cr Study of the mathematics behind the creation of complex shapes for CAD using curves, surfaces, and solids.

Student Projects

Take a look at some of the projects created by Mechanical Engineering undergraduate students enrolled in these courses.

Engineer's Office of the Future

The Office of the Future is a concept that was proposed by Professors S. Jayaram, U. Jayaram, and B. R. Ramaprian of the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering. The overall goals are to educate engineers in software and information technology tools and techniques and prepare the next generation of graduates for the changing engineering culture that involves globalized corporations with distributed product teams.

REU Projects

Here are some of the projects done by the undergraduate researchers working in the VRCIM Lab.

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