Photo Gallery

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At Dana Saad Injection Molding Facility

At Olympic College Campus

WHETS Class at the Olympic College Campus - Fall 2011

Craig, Erika and family 2011

Dinner at the Jayarams’

Dinner at the Jayarams’

Greece Conference 2011

Presentation in Greece - 2011

Invited Presentation - Greece (2)

Chandrana Family 2011

Jay teaching B-Splines in the VRCIM lab

ME 316 Students Working on their projects in VRCIM lab

Lijuan and Uma - ASME Washington DC 2011

Uma and OkJoon - ASME Conference DC

Scott, Kate, Jared and Haylee 2011

ME 474 Field Trip

ME 474 Field Trip to Spokane Industries

ME 474 - Fall 2011 - Krispy Kreme after the site visit to Spokane Industrial Park

The Cramers 2011

Trung’s project presentation

Visit to SEL with ME 475 students - 2010

With MME Secretaries - Secretaries Day 2003

Alumni Get Together

Astronaut Bonnie Dunbar tries on VR equipment

ASME Conference NY 2008

CBDD Students from Africa

Craig at PACCAR

Dan & David at Jayaram's

Dan Evans

Demo to Middle School Students

Demo to Middle School Students

Hosting Visitors from China

Jay's Birthday 2007

Jay's Birthday 2007

Lab Graduate Students & Uma

Lab Students and Faculty - Spring 2007

Scott in VR Lab

Student from Africa tries on Helmet

Students in ETRL 252

Lunch at Ranchos 2009

Celebrating Pani's Defense at Ranchos

Jay's Birthday 2007

Golden Grad Ruehl 2007

Golden Grad Luhn 2007

Uma & Jay

David's Daughters

Attorney General visits the lab

Attorney General and Uma

Attorney General and Okjoon

Attorney General trying helmet

Attorney General and Okjoon

Sanjay Gowda and Kevin Seeney 1996

Rob Kreitzer, Scott Angster, and family members at Jayarams’ home 1997
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